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InPACT is the leading Western InP single crystal manufacturer covering all dopants. They have 12 years manufacturing experience of Indium Phosphide in the forms of polycrystal, 2" and 3" single crystal and epiready polished wafers. A strong effort is also devoted to research and development programs. InPACT is currently in the process of developing a 4"single crystal wafer. Dedicated exclusively to InP, InPACT provide state of the art material for a wide range of micro-electronic devices (HBTs, HEMTs) and opto-electronic devices (LEDs, LDs, PINs).

InP 2" ingot InP 3" ingot
InP 2" ingot InP 3" ingot

Their objective is to provide a high quality InP concentrating on low crystal stress as well as low surface concentration using our TOF-SIMS analysis. They are proud to be the only manufacturer in the world to provide such information on surface contamination. Their response to the boom in the market and in order to improve their order supply to their customers has been to construct a FAB2 production unit which will be up and running by the end of the first quarter of 2002. This second site will be located at Montmélian in the Savoie region of France.

Arnaud Electronics distributes InPACT's InP wafers to universities and research centres in Europe.


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