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  Precursors for deposition technologies. 06 October 2016
  Azelis electronics now offer Antimony 7N5. 02 february 2012
  Azelis electronics are glad to announce the re-start of Arsenic 7N5 production at Furukawa Denshi plant. 11 may 2011
  Arnaud electronics have changed their name into Azelis electronics since January 1st , 2010. 01 january 2010
  ARNAUD electronics now offer GaN Bulk Crystals c-plane as well as epi service : nType, pType Sapphire / GaN / MOCVD Templates 28 november 2008
  ARNAUD electronics now offer Antimony Trioxide Sb2O3 5N dopant 21 December 2006
  ARNAUD electronics have now a consistent stock of Beryllium Be 5N+MBE 8 November 2006
  ARNAUD electronics now offer wafer services 6 March 2006

ARNAUD electronics now supplies MERCURY 9N

10 October 2005
  American Elements announces launch of new Lead Crystal line of sputtering targets and materials 30 March 2005
  American Elements announces launch of new Vacuumelt™ line of sputtering targets 28 March 2005
  ARNAUD Electronics distributes AccuScribe Diamond tools from DDK used in scribe and break technology 23 February 2004
  ARNAUD Electronics distributes all over Europe MOCVD Precursors: TMGa, TMIn, DEZn from the Chinese Manufacturer NATA Opto-Electronic Material Co. Ltd 1 December 2003
  ARNAUD Electronics can supply high-k dielectric alternative gate insulator material 27 November 2003
  ARNAUD Electronics distributes American Elements products 7 November 2003
  Al 6N5 PHP the purest in the world : Please see our new comparative analysis in our aluminium page 4 November 2002
  Furukawa Arsenic 7N slugs to be delivered from stock within 3 days 11 March 2002
  Groupe Arnaud electronics distribute InP wafers from InPACT to universities and research centres in Europe 4 January 2002
  Shellcase to invest $8 million to expand production facility 5 September 2001
  New miniature applications to be presented by Shellcase at SEMICON West 10 July 2001
  Sanyo Electric Co. To License Shellcase's Wafer Level Chip Size Packaging Technology 27 June 2001
  Groupe Arnaud Electronics now sell MBE Ultrapure Magnesium 6N and Ultrapure Manganese 5N8 18 April 2001
  Jasmine Technology to represent Groupe Arnaud Electronics in the UK and Ireland for its ranges of MBE sources and substrates 14 March 2001
  Groupe Arnaud Electronics launches extremely pure MBE silicon dopant 17 October 2000
  Freiberger Compound Materials halts production of 2" GaAs wafers 26 April 2000
  Groupe Arnaud represents Camelot Research and Development Inc. 16 February 2000
  Groupe Arnaud represents SPT Roth and MEM - Malaysian Electronics Materials-Sumitomo Metal Mining (SMM) 2 January 2000
  Freiberger Certified ISO 14001 16 December 1999
  Shellcase Ltd. announces private placement agreement 8 December 1999
  Freiberger Compound Materials start industrial production of SC and SI 100 mm low-EPD VGF GaAs wafers 8 December 1999
  Atomergic Chemetals now produce electronic 2 " GaAs MLEC wafers with low EPD 3 December 1999
  Groupe Arnaud Electronics represents Mitsubishi Materials Corporation for its Hub Blades 30 November 1999
  Groupe Arnaud Electronics represents Probion SIMS and RBS analysis services all over the world except France and Japan 25 November 1999
  Promecome merges into parent company 1 November 1999
  Opportunity: used MBE reactor search 20 September 1999
  Atomergic Chemetals expands sapphire crystal product range 2 September 1999
  Groupe Arnaud Electronics to be sole agent for Thermocarbon.Inc 1 June 1999
  Furukawa to increase production of high purity arsenic and GaP polycrystal in fiscal 1999 6 May 1999
Groupe Arnaud Electronics distributes beryllium foils, windows assemblies, and targets from ATRAMET in Europe

7 December 1998
Groupe Arnaud Electronics launches low alpha emitter content Al 6N5 MBE grade from Aluminium Pechiney/ Pechiney High Purity PHP

9 November 1998
Shellcase licenses wafer-level chip-scale packaging technology

15 October 1998
Shellcase, Tower Semiconductor in development pact 16 September 1998
Xicor to both license ShellCase Technology and buy their wafer-level CSPs

17 April 1998

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