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RBS Analysis

Highest integrity analysis of thin-film chemical composition to the European semiconductor and material industry.

  • Advanced RBS (Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry) of almost any solid material
  • Surface analysis and depth profiling
  • High sensitivity, extreme dynamic concentration range
  • High depth resolution and ultimate mass separation
  • Can measure trace elements undetected by other techniques
  • Both imaging modes: ion microscope and ion microprobe
In Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry, a high energy beam of He++ ions (energy > 2 MeV) is partly backscattered by the near surface region of the sample. These ions are analysed by a solid state detector. Both composition and depth distribution of elements in the sample can be deduced. Also, quantitative measurement of crystal damage can be obtained.

Although its sensitivity is not comparable to that of SIMS, RBS provides very valuable complementary informations:

  • Direct quantitative analysis ( no standards needed) with detection limits down to 0.1% for heavy impurities in light matrices
  • Crystalline damage measurement in crystals
  • Analysis of non-conducting organic or inorganic solids and powders
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