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Groupe Arnaud Electronics

High purity rare earths and rare metals and derivatives

Applications in fiber optics, magnets, lasers, phosphors, materials.

Cerium metal Ce 3N
Cerium oxide CeO2 5N
Dysprosium metal Dy 3N5 low oxygen
Erbium metal Er 3N
Erbium chloride hexahydrate 5N
Europium metal Eu 4N
Gadolinium metal Gd 3N
Hafnium oxide HfO2 4N
Holmium metal Ho 3N
Lanthanum metal La 3N
Lanthanum oxide La2O3 5N
Lutetium metal Lu 3N
Neodymium metal Nd 3N
Praseodymium metal Pr 3N
Samarium metal Sm 3N
Scandium metal Sc 3N
Tantalum metal Ta 4N
Terbium metal Tb 3N5
Thulium metal Tm 4N
Ytterbium metal Yb 3N
Ytterbium chloride hexahydrate 5N
Yttrium metal Y 3N

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