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GaAs, InP reclaim

III/V Reclaim removes all layers and polishes the surface using chemo-mechanical single-side processes. The following cleaning steps result in a thin homogeneous oxide. A final inspection for defects ensures a continuously high level of quality. Our wafers can be used in epitaxy directly without any additional pretreatment.

Total removal in our reclaim process is at least 10 microns depending on incoming geometry, damage depth and in case of small volume orders the thickness variation of the wafers.

Our service comprises:

  • Reclaim of GaAs and InP: all sizes from 1" to 150 mm, all formats
  • Polishing of raw slices
  • Double side polishing
  • Cheap special made wafers
  • Extra thin slices
  • Backside thinning of fully structured wafers
Manufactured by III/V-Reclaim.
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