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Film Deposits (with or without mask)


  • sputtering: Al, AlSi, AlSiCu, Ti, Cr, NiFe, Ag,W, Cu, Al2O3, Hf, Mg, Mo, Ni, NiCr, Ta, WTi, Zr.
  • thermal evaporation: any metal upon request.
  • electroplated: Cu, Au, Ni.


  • sputtering: C, Si, SiO2, Ge, GaSb, InAs, InSb.
  • oxides: thermal growth, LPCVD, LTO, PECVD (TEOS).
  • nitrides: LPCVD, PECVD (SiON).
  • polysilicon: LPCVD.

Other deposits:

  • photoresist.
  • polyimide.
  • BCB.

Photolithography service available.

Ion Implants (with or without mask)

Any species on any substrate: up to 150mm (200mm upon request), up to 280 keV.

Special substrates are processable (crystals, blades,...).

Low energy implant (down to 100 eV) upon request.

Etching (with or without mask)

Wet etching for:

  • metal.
  • silicon (TMAH etching CMOS compatible), nitride, oxide.

Plasma etching:

  • RIE, DRIE.
  • O2 plasma.

Ion beam etching.



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