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200 mm CZ Si crystal growing process Silicon wafers

  • 100 mm CZ
  • 125 mm CZ
  • 150 mm CZ
  • 200 mm CZ
  • 300 mm CZ
  • 76 mm FZ
  • 100 mm FZ
  • 125 mm FZ
  • As cut, lapped, etched, polished, test, monitor, prime, epitaxial wafers
200 mm CZ Si crystal growing process Silicon
  • Grown and ground silicon crystal in the above diameters
  • Optical shapes, targets, powder
MBE Silicon dopant
  • Extremely high purity (intrinsic: very high resistivity)
  • 20mm x 5mm x 1mm thick, individually packaged in a plastic film under vacuum (approximate weight: 0.23g)
  • Custom sizes also available
  • Extremely low content of C and O
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